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Grand Canyon National Park Centennial Posters

Gouache, watercolor, and ink, 2018

From January through April of 2018, I worked as a full-time volunteer with Grand Canyon National Park's Creative Media Department to create a centennial poster series.

I refined the proposed themes and developed the design, then created each poster entirely by hand. Mediums include ink, gouache, and watercolor. A million copies were distributed around the park and state of Arizona.

To learn more about the centennial poster themes, head to Grand Canyon National Park's website.


  • Multimedia illustration

  • Image digitization

  • Poster mockup image creation

  • Social media design


Capturing Grand Canyon

The centennial poster series was the culmination of two seasons working as an environmental educator and interpretive park ranger at Grand Canyon.


Creating these images was the project of a lifetime, a love letter to my favorite place in the world. I hope it inspires people to continue supporting the park for centuries to come.

Behind the Scenes

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