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Custom Painting Commissions

Handmade, custom-created art, just for you.

I’ve created a wide range of custom art, including landscapes, home illustrations, Ketubahs, and wedding invitations. But why stop there? I can work with you to create a custom illustrated fabric, or a family holiday card. The sky is the limit.


The process is straightforward - you can simply send me an email to begin. Once we determine the timeline and budget, I’ll create a quote. Then I'll start with preliminary sketches, and once you approve the draft, I’ll get create the final piece. 


From start to finish, I’ll work with you to create a top-quality product. For paintings, I use archival-quality paper that won’t yellow or degrade with time, and ship it flat to allow for easy framing. For card designs, I can work with you to format the design and ensure the colors and resolution of the printed product are perfect.


Pricing is determined based on several factors including size, project timeline, and complexity. For a hand-painted ketubah at 20 x 20", the price would start at $1000.


We are thrilled with our Ketubah! Claire was wonderful to work with and is such a talented artist.

She wove together images and themes that reflect our life and relationship. Our ketubah feels personal to us, and the lush watercolors and delicate linework are absolutely stunning.


Several people at the wedding told us that it was the most beautiful ketubah they'd ever seen, and we agree! It is beyond what we could have imagined, and we are so happy to display it in our home and to look at it for the rest of our lives!

~ Maddy and vinnie
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