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Indigo Celestial Ketubah

Watercolor, 2023

This image is available through Tallulah Ketubahs as a limited run of archival giclée prints in two sizes, that can be customized with personalized text.

"The original was hand-painted with watercolor on hot press watercolor paper. This enchanting design is a delightful blend of earthly and celestial wonders, bringing to life a magical garden filled with fluttering butterflies, lively grasshoppers, wise owls, and graceful swallows. This vibrant tableau of nature's creatures is entwined within a celestial canopy that dazzles with twinkling stars and the ever-changing phases of the moon."

A Ketubah is a traditional jewish marriage contract that symbolizes the couple's commitment, and the unique story of their relationship. This design can be customized for any faith. 

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