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Botanical Illustrations for the Maine Audubon Society

IG -Audubon - Plant of the Year + Caterpillar and Eggs.png

The Maine Audubon Society's 'Plant of the Year' for 2023 was the Cutleaf Coneflower, or Rudbeckia laciniata. Since native plant gardening is a passion of mine, I jumped at the opportunity to create an illustration that would promote this beautiful flower. Maine Audubon used this illustration in promotional materials for their 2023 Native Plant Festival and are featuring it on a limited run of t-shirts.


You can learn more about the native plant on the Audubon's website.

flier for maine audubon plant of year cutleaf coneflower.jpg
native plant audubon sticker.png

Cutleaf Coneflower 

Digital illustration for digital and print media

Audubon Native Plant Database Illustrations

The Maine Audubon Society hosts an extensive native plant database. In 2023, I created a suite of 18 illustrations of native plants, working to match the style of other illustrators who'd contributed to the project, and collaborating with botanists to incorporate feedback. Head to the native plant database to see more.

Portland Public Schools and Maine Audubon Tree Resource

In 2024, I worked with the Maine Audubon Society to create a native tree teaching resource, in collaboration with Portland Public Schools. I used digital media and incorporated feedback from the Audubon's team of biologists to create scientifically accurate renderings.

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